CERT Title

Compliant | Efficient | Regional | Transparent

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Our Company

As the financial services industry undergoes a tremendous amount of change due to increased regulatory demands, so shall the work standards applied to the safe and efficient transfer of real estate and title insurance that typically accompanies such transfer.  Compliance, transparency, and consumer experience must be at the foundation of any title company operating in today's regulatory environment.

The Founders of CERT Title, Jeff LeSaicherre and Christopher Couch, have over 25 years of real estate transactions/closing, policy issuance, compliance, and consumer-centric experience.

CERT Title was formed in order to provide lenders, underwriters and consumers with a compliant, regional option for real estate title and closing services.

CERT Title has unwavering dedication to compliance, transparency, ethics, professionalism, focus and delivery of results, in conjunction with a unified vision to provide the highest level of title services possible.

Our Purpose

Providing transparent, timely, and accurate real estate transfers and title insurance protection with a positive consumer experience.

Our Mission

CERT Title will become a leading, regional real estate title company by providing accurate titles and binding policies in a timely, transparent, and compliant manner.  

Our Values

CERT Title has adopted the following fundamental business requirements as the foundation for its business practices:  

  • Compliant Infrastructure & Procedures
  • Efficient Operations
  • Regional Footprint
  • Transparent & Competitive Pricing
  • Individualized Service & Attention
  • Friendly & Consumer Centric Culture
  • Interactive & Solution Oriented
  • Experienced Ownership, Management & Staff
  • Delivery of Accurate Titles and Binding Policies